9th International Concert Tour: Germany, Finland, Estonia

  • 3 October 2008

    The trip home did not happen without it's hitches, one of them resulting in the second group now also being able to add Copenhagen Airport (Denmark) to their points of reference! All is well that ends well and the flags and welcoming faces of our...
    Friday, 3rd October 2008
  • 1 October 2008

    And you thought the tour was over! After dropping the first group off at the airport, the second group made their way to the Vaskivuori High School in Vantaa, where we were served lunch and taken on a tour of the school's excellent facilities...
    Wednesday, 1st October 2008
  • 30 September 2008

    What a divine last day we had! Mr van Zyl didn't make us rehearse for too long this morning and we had almost three hours to go shopping! Both lunch and dinner were served by our hosts at the Cathedral and our children paid them the ultimate...
    Tuesday, 30th September 2008
  • 29 September 2008

    We were sad to leave Jyväskulä this morning after such a short time. Most of us saw hardly anything of the town renowned for its importance in the development of education in Finland. Our hosts nevertheless made the most of our time...
    Monday, 29th September 2008
  • 28 September 2008

    By most accounts most of us managed a bit more sleep last night, with some kids in bed by 8pm already! Some made use of the later meeting time this morning to get some ice-skating practice and others went for a walk in the woods, while a couple of...
    Sunday, 28th September 2008
  • 27 September 2008

    After the excitement of the first two weeks of the tour (yes, we've been gone almost two weeks already!) today was exactly what we needed. Firstly we did not have to be anywhere at the crack of dawn with the ferry leaving at the very decent time of...
    Saturday, 27th September 2008
  • 26 September 2008

    The fact that we had a bit more time to sleep did not seem to have too much of an effect and a very subdued and bleary-eyed choir met us this morning! Getting to bed so late for such a long time with such a busy daily program is definitely catching...
    Friday, 26th September 2008
  • 25 September 2008

    Today was a very long day. On the bus by 06h30 to travel to Kuressaare on the Sareemaa island. Following behind was the Estonian TV Children's Choir, with whom we are also staying. They will be visiting us in March 2009. The trip includes a ferry...
    Thursday, 25th September 2008
  • 24 September 2008 (afternoon)

    While you are relaxing at home on the public holiday, we are VERY busy. We had an opportunity to sleep a bit later this morning and have some washing done before hitting the shops. Tallinn is a beautiful city with buildings from all eras blending...
    Wednesday, 24th September 2008
  • 24 September 2008 (evening)

    Words cannot explain the emotions we are feeling now! Tonight’s concert was SO special! Nearly 350 children, from the tiniest 4- and 5-year olds to the outstanding Youth Choir entertained us with excellent music and dance.
    Wednesday, 24th September 2008
  • 23 September

    This was another long, but exciting day. We reported at TV House at 06h45 for our performance on Estonian National Television. The conductor of the Estonian TV choir listened in on our performance and was so moved by Tula Mama that she left the...
    Tuesday, 23rd September 2008
  • 22 September 2008

    On the ferry, the luxurious M/S Superstar, the children lounged around in the chairs like seasoned travelers and (of course) the shopping mall on the lower level attracted LOTS of customers! It was, like yesterday, a beautiful day, with the maximum...
    Monday, 22nd September 2008
  • 21 September 2008

    We all got to sleep a bit later this morning (the adults at least were most grateful!). We met at the Kauppatori Market Place from where we took a 10 minute ferry to Suomennlinna, Finland ’s fortress island.
    Sunday, 21st September 2008
  • 20 September 2008

    DON’T for a moment think that we went to bed after the party last night! Some went ice-skating, others went to see a basketball game and some enjoyed their hosts’ array of digital toys until long after bedtime! See the photo album...
    Saturday, 20th September 2008
  • 19 September (evening)

    Wow, what a busy day we're having! The two school concerts went very well and we really enjoy their school lunches! After lunch we played basketball for a while before busing off to the Heureka Science Centre for the afternoon. Whether the children...
    Friday, 19th September 2008
  • 19 September

    Yesterday we left Würzburg very early in order for the first group to catch their plane to Helsinki. Upon their arrival they were brought to the Vaskivuori School where they were given a most delicious lunch and then taken on a tour of this...
    Friday, 19th September 2008
  • 18 September 2008

    And here we are on our way to Finland already! It is unbelievable how time flies when you’re having fun! The Würzburgers have definitely shifted the benchmark to almost unattainable heights where hosting is concerned and we hope to...
    Thursday, 18th September 2008
  • 16 September 2008

    We met some really big smiles this morning, with the children seeming to compete about who had the most sleep and whose breakfast was the best!
    Tuesday, 16th September 2008
  • 15 September 2008

    And here we are. Almost at the end of our first day. Monika was ready with the bus as we exited the airport at Frankfurt this morning and wasted no time in introducing us to some German history, landscapes and beautiful architecture, when she showed...
    Monday, 15th September 2008
  • 14 September 2008

    up, up and AWAY!!!
    Sunday, 14th September 2008

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