8th International Concert Tour: Germany and Czech Republic

  • 2 October 2006

    All arrived safely home to banners, flags, more than a few tears and lots of cheers! Well done to each and every one who participated and made the tour the success it was.
    Monday, 2nd October 2006
  • 30 September 2006

    Saturday, 30th September 2006
  • Thursday, 28th September 2006
  • 27 September 2006

    Back on line at last!  Apologies for the silence, but we had no Internet access in Dresden. Time (or rather, an extreme lack of it) is also a huge factor. We are printing the e-mails to the children, but can unfortunately not send any.
    Wednesday, 27th September 2006
  • 22 September 2006

    Another wonderful day! Upon our arrival at the music school this morning, the adults were overpowered by 54  excited children, who could not wait to tell us about their wonderful hosts - as has been our experience throughout the tour. As...
    Friday, 22nd September 2006
  • 21 September 2006

    Last night's concert was, as usual, a wonderful affair. We were fortunate enough to have both the Severacek Preparatory, as well as the Severacek Choir also performing short programs. The evening ended with the Severacek joining is in a rendition of...
    Thursday, 21st September 2006
  • 20 September 2006, 11am

    Happy birthday, Mnr Lionel! We promise to be extra good today and sing better than any angel has ever sung before!
    Wednesday, 20th September 2006
  • 18 and 19 September 2006

    Monday, 18th September 2006
  • Sunday, 17th September 2006
  • 16 September 2006

    Saturday, 16th September 2006
  • 15 September 2006

    Friday, 15th September 2006
  • 14 September 2006

    We have 54 exhausted children and 11 even more exhausted adults now relaxing in Mainz!!! The flights over were a lot of fun and each of us had our own TV screen where we could watch the movie of our choice, listen to music or play games against our...
    Thursday, 14th September 2006
  • 13 September 2006

    Can't talk. Must dash. We've got a plane to catch!!!
    Wednesday, 13th September 2006
  • 10 September 2006

    Now there is no turning back! We had the traditional Goodbye Concert today. Thank you to ministers Johan van der Merwe and Rod Burton for our beautiful send-off! We are truly blessed and know that the tour will be as well.
    Sunday, 10th September 2006

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