Eastern Cape Children's Choir Membership

The choir welcomes members from all races and language groups between the ages of 10 and 14. Members enter the choir by vocal audition. Auditions for the following year are usually held towards the end of October. See our calendar  for details.

A choir workshop, compulsory for all choir members, is held during the last weekend before schools open for the new year in January. The workshop is used to facilitate integration of new members and initiate learning of the year's repertoire, including at least one major work.

Rehearsal times – The choir rehearses twice a week on a
 Wednesday from 17h00 – 1900 and a

 Friday from 16h00 – 18h00.
There is at least one additional rehearsal per term, usually on a Saturday.

In January 2010 the choir moved to Cilliè High School (see directions to venues on the left) for rehearsals. Members from the same area traditionally form lift clubs, assisting each other with transport to and from choir practices.

Choir Fees –  An annual fee is charged for membership. These fees cover honorariums of the director and repetitors, music costs, choir uniforms and general administration.

The choir initiated a development programme in 2005. This provides children from disadvantaged backgrounds with the opportunity to become fully-fledged choir members.

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