Accompanist and Repetitor - Amanda Engelbrecht

Amanda Engelbrecht has been the accompanist (piano) and repetitor for the Eastern Cape Children's Choir since 1986, during which time she accompanied the choir on 10 of their 11 international tours and wrote a number of musical arrangements specifically for the choir.

Amanda holds a B. Mus.Ed. degree from the University of Port Elizabeth (now named the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University), where she was also a member of the UPE Chorale. 

She currently teaches Music as a Subject, as well as piano, voice, recorder and keyboard at Westering High School in Port Elizabeth, where she also holds the position as Choir Director.

The annual Westering High School Voce Volante Choir Festivalis her brainchild.

Her skills as teacher, musical administrator, adjudicator, and producer for radio programmes and musical productions are well-known and sought after.

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