Dear parents and new choristers,

Please also let your child read this newsletter

A hearty welcome to the ECCC, we trust that you will all be happy members of the ECCC soon.

I have attached the welcome package for first years, with all relevant information, to this letter.  Please take some time away from interruptions to pay careful attention to its content as there is quite a bit of information to digest.

I have also attached the first tour letter, as we are planning a tour to Europe for end of September / beginning October next year.  It is very comprehensive and will also require your uninterrupted attention.  We will communicate further about the tour in due time, please try and decide if you are happy for your child to tour.  It is not compulsory but it is a wonderful opportunity for you child.

Please click on the links at the bottom of this e-mail to access both letters.

A few suggestions to make your life in the ECCC a bit easier:

  • Always communicate with Monica if you are not sure of something.  Communication is very important to prevent misunderstandings.
  • Open a seperate file on your computer for ECCC correspondence - it makes accessing it so much easier.
  • Always read your e-mails, it contains a wealth of information and will keep you up to date with our calendar.
  • We have an ECCC website, please have a look at it, you will get a good idea of what happens at the choir and on tours.
  • We have a FB page, please go there and like it:
  • Formal choir SMS's will generally be sent out at 20h00 in the evening, unless urgent and will start with ECCC:
  • Please add our phone numbers to the contact list on your mobile phone and send the relevant person a whatsapp or SMS rather than phoning.

Handy phone numbers:

Chair person: Monica de Lange - 061 311 8717

Secretary: Lyzet du Preez - 083 447 3825

Tour Organiser:  Henriette Visser - 083 327 9220 (contact Lyzet if you cannot get hold of Henriette)

Please remember that we all have day jobs, so if we do not answer a text or phone call immediately , it is definitely not because we are ignoring you.

Leave/send a message and we will reply ASAP.


  • Clothing prices will be confirmed as soon as we have the details.
  • If you would like your choir e-mails to be sent to a different/additional address, please reply to this e-mail with your child's name and the necessary address.  You can also Whatsapp/SMS it to Lyzet on 083 447 3825.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Welcome Concert on Sunday, 5 November.  Please check the attached letter for details.  Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you require more information.

Yours in music,



Welcome Package 2018

Tour 2018