2 July 2018


Dear Parents and Choristers,


Please remember to also let your child read this newsletter. 

I trust you are all well and are enjoying the holidays and rest from school and other activities.  Time has gone so fast and how does the saying go… time flies when you are enjoying yourself.  

First of all I want to start by thanking everyone who has been assisting me during this year.  It is really a pleasure to work alongside you all and a special thanks to Mr. Lionel van Zyl and Ms Amanda Engelbrecht for all their hard work and dedication.  You are a blessing to our choir and we thank you.  Others that I want to thank especially are Prof Albert Troskie and Lara Potgieter, who joined us at our performances.  Thank you so much for offering up your time, we appreciate it immensely. 

Thank you to each and every one of you for the commitment to your child and to the choir every week and especially for all the feedback and concerns noted. I aim to assist you even more in the next half of this year. 


As you know, we have advertised the position which Mr. Lionel van Zyl has filled for the last 32 years, the Music Director/Conductor’s post, during the last term.  We were fortunate to have had a number of well qualified applicants. It is our privilege to share the wonderful news that Mrs. Marilise van Rooyen has been selected by an independent panel, to join the ECCC family from the 25th of July 2018 and that she has accepted.  Mrs. van Rooyen will work with Mr. van Zyl until the 7th of September 2018 where after she will take over the reins from Mr. van Zyl.  We want to welcome her to our family and we trust that she will also not want to leave and would stay with us as long as she is permitted by health and love of music to work with our choir. 


The Festival Del Coro concert took place at the Feather Market Center and what a great success it was.  All the choirs that were showcased were phenomenal and it was a pleasure to have been part of this great initiative of Mr. Petrus Meyer and the EC Youth Choir.  To Ms Amanda Engelbrecht who was once again part of the organization of this concert, a big thank you and job well done. 


During the third term we will have the opportunity to meet with two choirs from overseas.  The first concert featuring Iuventus Gaude, from the Czech Republic, takes place on Tuesday, the 17th of July 2018, at St Mary’s Cathedral at 19:00. They will be performing with a local choir, CANTATORI Male Choir. We will not be performing with them but we would like our choristers dressed in choir uniform and their parents, to attend this concert. We are also busy organizing a 10-pin bowling get together with our visitors for the Sunday.  Details to be confirmed.


The second concert will be with Leuvens Meisjeskoor from Belgium, on Sunday, the 29th of July 2018 also at St Mary’s Cathedral at 15h00.  We will be hosting them from the 28th – 30th of July 2018.  A letter in this regard is at the bottom of this letter. Please read carefully it and sent the hosting reply slip back as soon as possible.  


We attach hereto the updated choir calendar.  Please note and diarize all the events.  Should there be any changes/updates, we will inform you of these via SMS. Please consult our website under the “EVENTS” tab to keep up to date.  The choir also has a Facebook page under the name Eastern Cape Children’s Choir, please feel free to join.  Previous newsletters can also be accessed via the website

Please click on the link at the bottom of this letter to access the calendar and the new waiting duty list for the third term. 

The 3rd term is packed with activities and performances and I would suggest you familiarize yourself with the dates and times at this stage already to ensure no double bookings on your side.  All the choristers are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances.  After all, the performances are why we rehearse and why your child is in our choir.  We urge you to please see that all commitments are met at all times. 


Tue, 17 Jul – Concert Iuventus Gaude

The Choristers and parents are asked to attend this concert.  Choristers please dress in your choir uniform.  Concert starts at 19:00 at St Mary’s Cathedral. Choristers will be admitted free of charge as well as ONE person (parent) who attends with them. Ticket prices: R60/adult and R40/pensioner/scholar or student.  Tickets will be available at the door. 

Wed, 18 Jul – First rehearsal

There will be a choir rehearsal from 17h15-19h00 at Cillié High School. 

Sun, 22 Jul – Concert Mater Dei

The Mater Dei congregation is celebrating their birthday and we were invited to enjoy the festivities with them.  Concert will start at 15:00.  All the relevant info regarding times when choristers should be at the church will be confirmed nearer to the date.  

Fri, 28 Jul – Rehearsal and Parents Meeting

While the rehearsal is taking place, parents are invited to join us in the small hall of the school at 17h00 for a short meeting.  These meetings are quite important for this is where I can convey the program in person to you as parent and where we can have discussions about the term and bring you up to speed on our program going forward.  One parent or representative of each chorister should please attend this meeting.  A register will be circulated.  Please make every effort to be there, as second hand information is never as good as hearing it yourself. 

Sat – Tue, 28-30 July – Hosting and concert with Leuvens Meisjeskoor

Please read the hosting letter below with regard to hosting of the choristers of Leuvens Meisjeskoor.  The concert with them will take place on the 29th of July 2018 at St Mary’s Cathedral at 15:00.  All other relevant info will be communicated nearer to the date. 

Sun, 12 Aug – Church Performance – NG Kerk Sonheuwels, Linton Grange

Our choir always performs at various churches during the year and we were kindly invited to sing at NG Kerk Sonheuwels in Linton Grange. Please ensure that the children are always on time for these performances. 

Sun, 26 Aug – CHURCH PERFORMANCE – St Katherine’s Parish, Uitenhage

Our next performance is at St Katherine’s Church in Uitenhage and we ask that you organise transport to this venue in good time, please. 

Sun, 2 Sept – CHURCH PERFORMANCE – NG Kerk Hoogland

Our last church performance for the term is at NG Kerk Hoogland and we ask that every chorister attends this service.  

Fri - 1 Sept – PRESTIGE CONCERT – DRC Summerstrand

To all our related choirs, the Prestige Concert is the highlight of our year.  We will be joined by the Eastern Cape Junior Children’s Choir, the Eastern Cape Youth Choir and the NMU choir for this event.  It will be an evening to be remembered by all.

Times will be confirmed nearer to the date of all the above events.  Please ensure that times given are adhered to and understand that we cannot accurately say when the performances will end.  Therefor I ask you to please be patient.  Children should always be correctly dressed at all performances. No excuses will be accepted.



I have a big concern at this stage and this is the non-attendance of choristers at the performances.  This was the first time in the three years that I have been the chairperson where 25 of the choristers did not attend a performance.  This is unacceptable.  The calendar is given to you and the choristers in the beginning of the term.  Please ensure that the choristers convey their unavailability to teachers on the dates that we have stipulated and please ensure that all choristers attend all performances.    


Our choir is going to go through a couple of changes and therefore we want to be well prepared in advance for next year.

We would like nominations from you for the following positions within our choir committee: 









Advertising, photos, videos

Tuck shop


Please submit the names of nominees to me before the 28th of July 2018.  Please remember that you can also nominate yourself for a specific position. We need these candidates to start working closely with the current committee to ensure a functional committee and easy handover for next year. 

A lot of work happens behind the scenes and if we can ensure that questions are answered and tasks are correctly handed over, we foresee that the smooth running of this choir will continue.   The new committee will also have the chance to get to know our new Music Director/Conductor, Mrs. Marilise van Rooyen before she starts her term of duty. 


A large amount of fees is still outstanding.  To all who have opted to pay monthly, please do not neglect your choir fee payments.  If you have a problem, please advise us thereof and make the necessary arrangements.  Arrears will be sent to a debt collector for collection by the end of July 2017 and you will be held responsible for all other costs that will be incurred.               


Please confirm with me prior to the evening when you are the parent on waiting duty, if you will be able to perform your duty.  It is a great concern to see how many of the parents neglected to perform their duty this year.  I will always make a plan to assist where possible or to change your date with another parent, should you not be able to attend to your duty turn.  Thank you to all the parents who assisted last term.  It is much appreciated. 

Have a wonderful holiday and please drive safely when travelling.  We cannot wait for the next term to start, it will be busy but will prove to be rewarding every time. 


Yours in music




Choir Calendar


Waiting Duty   



Dear Parents and Choristers, 

The girls’ choir from Leuvens, Belgium will be visiting us from Saturday, 28 July, until Monday morning, the 30th of July, during which time we will need to provide hosting.

Hosting is an integral part of the international choir culture and provides an ideal opportunity for our choristers to meet and mingle with children from a different culture, and to show them a bit of our famous South African hospitality.

Remember that our guests are not expecting to stay in the lap of luxury. They will not mind sharing a bathroom with your family and will even be willing to sleep on a mattress on the floor, as long as the hosts are friendly and loving!

Proposed programme:

Saturday afternoon

Time to be confirmed

Arrival and placement with hosts

Evening with host family



Sightseeing with hosts and early lunch



To St Mary’s for warm-up rehearsal



Concert with ECCC



With hosts


Early morning

Depart for ADDO


Kindly complete the reply slip below and return via e-mail to, or WhatsApp to Monica. ALL choristers to hand in replies, please.




LEUVENS GIRLS’ CHOIR – 28 - 30 July 2018


ECCC Chorister Name:



Contact Parent Name:      _______________________________________       


Cell Number: _______________________


E-mail address: _____________________


We are able to host 0 / 2 / 4 / 6 (circle which applies) girls from the Leuvens Girls’ Choir.

We have / do not have pets.

We mind / do not mind (circle which applies) hosting people with food allergies / vegetarians.