ECCC Newsletter #201703

22 June 2017


Dear Parents and Choristers, 

Please remember to also let your child read this newsletter 

I cannot believe that the first part of the year has gone already.  How does the saying go… time flies when you are having fun?

First of all I want to start by thanking everyone who has been assisting me during this year.  It is really a pleasure to work alongside you all and a special thanks to Mr. Lionel van Zyl and Ms. Amanda Engelbrecht for all their hard work and dedication.  You are a blessing to our choir and we thank you.  Others that I want to thank especially are Prof Albert Troskie, Karika le Roux and Liske Potgieter who joined us at our performances.  Thank you so much for offering up your time, we appreciate it immensely.

Thank you to each and every one of you for the commitment to your child and to the choir every week and especially for all the feedback and concerns raised. I aim to assist you even more in the next half of this year. 


The Voce Volante festival served to be a most memorable evening for all who attended.  This was a glorious concert and it was such a privilege to be part of this event. The most amazing part was having all the alumni coming to join us on stage.  The smile on Mr. van Zyl’s face said it all.

Thank you to the Headmaster of Westering High School, Mr. Stuart Hayward, Ms. Amanda Engelbrecht and all the other role players, for an unforgettable evening.


We attach hereto the updated choir calendar.  Please note and diarize all the events.  If there are any changes/updates, we will keep you abreast of these via SMS. Please consult our website under the “EVENTS” tab to keep up to date.  The choir also has a Facebook page under the name Eastern Cape Children’s Choir, please feel free to join.  Previous newsletters can also be accessed via the website

Please click on the link at the bottom of this letter to access the calendar and the new waiting duty list for the third term.

The 3rd term is packed with activities and performances and I would suggest you familiarize yourself with the dates and times at this stage already to ensure no double bookings on your side.  All the choristers are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances.  After all, the performances are why we rehearse and why your child is in our choir.  We urge you to please see that all commitments are met at all times. 

Wed, 26 Jul – First rehearsal

There will be a choir rehearsal from 17h00-19h00 at Cillié High School. 

Fri, 28 Jul – Rehearsal and Parents Meeting

While the rehearsal is taking place, parents are invited to join us in the small hall of the school at 17h00 for a short meeting.  These meetings are quite important for this is where I can convey the program in person to you as parent. It is also where we can have discussions about the term and bring you up to speed on our planned activities.  One parent or representative of each chorister should please attend this meeting.  A register will be circulated.  Please make every effort to be there, as secondhand information is never as good as hearing it yourself. 

Wed – Fri 2-4 Aug – Visit from Kathedraljugenchor – Trier - Germany

As you might remember we are hosting the Kathedraljugenchor from Trier in Germany during this period; we have already sent out the hosting letters to you.  Please let us know if you are willing and able to help with hosting someone from this choir.  This will be a wonderful experience for all involved seeing that they will experience our cultures, food and we will in return get to know them as well.   

Thurs – 3 Aug – Concert with Kathedraljugendchor Trier – St Mary’s Cathedral

This Concert will be an evening to be remembered by all and I urge you to please advertise this now and buy tickets from Computicket for yourself and your family and friends.  We know it is a Thursday evening and you need to work the next day, but please do not disappoint yourselves or the visiting group with an empty hall.  I trust you will assist me in this. 

Sat – 5 Aug – ECCC Open day

This is a new adventure our choir is in need of.  We want to show schools in and around Port Elizabeth what the Eastern Cape Children’s Choir is about and therefore we have decided, with the guidance of Mr. van Zyl, to have an Open day for the choir.  We want to showcase our choir and want to invite the choristers from all the schools to enjoy the afternoon with us.  This is part of our auditioning campaign and the choristers can thereafter apply for an audition to join the ECCC.  

Sun - 13 Aug – Church Performance – St Bernadette’s

Our choir always performs in various churches during the year and we were fortunate to be invited to sing at St Bernadette’s once again.  Please ensure that the children are always on time for these performances. 

Sat - 19 Aug – Engelien Coetzer Wedding Performance

Mrs. Susan Coetzer is a previous Chairperson of the ECCC and her two children are part of our alumni.  Engelien is getting married and requested our choir to perform at this beautiful day in her life.  We feel very privileged to have been invited.  All choristers to attend this performance at the DRC Summerstrand, please.  

Sun - 20 Aug – CHURCH PERFORMANCE – St Mary’s

Our next performance is at St Mary’s and we will appreciate your support at this service, please.  

Fri – 25 Aug – Organ & Opera Society Concert – DRC Summerstrand

Prof Albert Troskie invited us to perform at this wonderful concert at the DRC Summerstrand. It promises to be a wonderful evening for all to enjoy with your family and friends. 

Fri - 1 Sept – PRESTIGE CONCERT – DRC Summerstrand

To all the choirs of the Eastern Cape, the Prestige Concert is the highlight of our year.  We will be joined by the Eastern Cape Junior Children’s Choir as well as the Eastern Cape Youth Choir, who will also be hosting this event.  It will be an evening to be remembered by all.  

Sun – 17 Sept – DRC Summerstrand (to be confirmed)

This will be our last church performance for this term and we want to end it on a high note and therefor want everyone to enjoy the service with us. 

Times will be confirmed nearer to the date of all the above events.  Please ensure that times given are adhered to and understand that we cannot accurately say when the service will end.  Therefor I ask you to please be patient. Children should always be neatly dressed in their concert uniform at all performances. No excuses will be accepted. 

Sun – 24 Sept – Heritage day- FUNDRAISER

This is a fundraising event for the upcoming tour next year. We wish to extend an invitation to all to come and enjoy the Heritage day with us.  We want to show our guests that everyone can come together and have a wonderful day.  We are planning on having traditional dishes on sale and everyone dressed up in their traditional clothes for the day.  Information will be sent to you soonest - please help us to make this a great success.  Please bring everyone you know to come and enjoy the day with us. 


There is still a large amount of fees outstanding.  Please do not neglect your choir fee payments to all who have opted to pay monthly.  If you have a problem, please advise us thereof and make the necessary arrangements.  Arrears will be sent to a debt collector for collection by the end of July 2017 and you will be held responsible for all costs that will be incurred.               


Please confirm with me prior to the evening when you are the parent on waiting duty if you will be able to perform this duty.  It is of great concern to see how many of the parents neglect to perform their duty.  I will always make a plan to assist where possible or to swop your date with that of another parent.  Thank you to all parents who assisted last term.  It is much appreciated. 

On that note, I wish you a wonderful holiday and please drive safely when travelling.  We cannot wait for the next term to start, it will be busy but will prove to be rewarding in every way. 


Yours in music,




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