ECCC Newsletter #201702



19 April 2017


Dear Parents and Choristers,


Please let your child read this newsletter too. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone for a fantastic first term.  Not only was it successful in every way, but the children got to know each other and the sound of the choir is absolutely wonderful.  

I want to thank Mr Lionel van Zyl and Ms Amanda Engelbrecht for a wonderful first term.  You are simply the best. 

This term is the start of our performances where we can showcase what we have learned so far.  It is very important for every chorister to attend rehearsals at all times and to be on time at every rehearsal.  Remember the first 15 minutes is very important for voice building and warm-up.



I attach hereto the calendar, please click on the link at the bottom to access it.   Please note and diarize all the events.  The performances are very important as this is what we work towards during the year.  Please do not miss the opportunity to perform.  Choristers are urged to be at all performances, because every voice is needed each and every time.  If there are any changes, we will keep you up to date via SMS.  Please ensure that your contact details are always known to us. 

Please consult our website under the EVENTS tab to keep up to date.  Previous newsletters can be accessed through the website  Please also feel free to join our Facebook page, Eastern Cape Children’s Choir.  

Sat. 22 April 2017 – Extra rehearsal at St Augustine’s Cathedral at 10:00 – 12:00

                                   ALL CHORISTER’S TO ATTEND. 

Sun. 23 April 2017 – St. Augustine’s Cathedral performance

The Cathedral is having its 150 year celebration and invited us especially to enjoy the morning with them. 

Sat. 06 May 2017 – Voce Volante Choir Festival

This event is hosted by Westering High School and Ms Amanda Engelbrecht.  No excuses will be accepted in not attending this event. 

Sat. 20 May 2017 – BINGO Fundraiser

Please remember to sell as many tickets as possible for this event.  The funds raised will be going towards our tour next year.  This is a wonderful event with lots of laughter and fun as well as big and small prizes to be won by all.  This is yet another opportunity for all of us to get to know each other better.  If you need more tickets, please feel free to contact me.




In the event of INDIVIDUAL DONATION SHEETS, you will be supplied with a numbered sheet, signed by Monica and certified by a Commissioner of Oaths. These sheets MUST be returned to her, even if no money was raised. Subsequent sheets will only be issued once the previous one has been returned. 

COMPETITIONS (such as raffles, bingo) and EVENTS (such as a gala performance) will only be allowed to run under the choir’s auspices if the ENTIRE CHOIR can benefit from this – this is to ensure fairness and to stay within the rules of running a Non-Profit Organisation. For example, if you want to run a raffle competition under the choir logo, all choristers need to be able to participate in sales. Depending on the situation, a decision may be taken prior to the event to split the income from the sales so that a percentage of the sales will go towards the general tour fund, whilst the remaining percentage will be credited towards the individual chorister’s tour fund. Example:

Tickets sold                                                         R 1 000.00

20% to general tour fund:                                R    200.00   (towards covering general tour expenses not specifically attributable to an individual chorister)

80% credited to chorister’s tour fund:             R    800.00

 In this way the choir benefits as a whole, but there is also a built-in incentive, as those putting in the work to make an event successful, will eventually also benefit most from their own efforts.

 I trust that this clarifies the questions regarding this issue. Please do not hesitate to engage with us if you have any questions. We would also, once again, like to encourage you to start fundraising as soon as possible. With the recent decline in the Rand and the unsure political environment, we will need every bit we can get if we want to have a successful tour.


I see that there is quite an amount outstanding on choir and clothing fees.  Please do not neglect your obligation to pay the fees.  If you have any enquiries or problems, feel free to contact myself or Johan in this matter.


We are starting the parent waiting duty again.  Please see when it is your turn to wait till the last child has gone home.  If you cannot be there on the particular evening, please feel free to contact me or anyone of the other parents to assist you.  Please click on the link below to access the roster.


Have a wonderful 2nd term and come and enjoy every performance with us; please feel free to invite all your friends and family along.

Yours in music,




Attached:       Choir Calendar

                      Parent waiting duty