ECCC Newsletter #201802





3 May 2018


Dear Parents and Choristers,


Please also let your chorister read this newsletter 

I want to thank everyone for the first term; it is really wonderful to get to know all our new choristers. I trust all have settled into the second term by now. I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. van Zyl, Ms Engelbrecht and Mrs. Lucretia Sikwebu for all the hard work, dedication and time they give to our choir and our choristers.  

This is the start of the second term and also the start of all our performances for the year.  This term will be more difficult than the first term where time management is concerned.  Sport and other school activities will also start to make an impact during this term and I therefor ask you to please use your time constructively over weekends and other days of the week when there are no choir rehearsals. 

This term will teach the choristers the importance of managing their time economically and I can guarantee you that in each and every child’s future he or she will reap the benefits of this lesson. 



The link for the choir calendar for the rest of the year is included at the bottom of this newsletter. Please study it carefully and ensure that choir engagements are noted in your diary.

Note that newsletters are addressed to parents AND choristers. Please make sure that your child also reads these letters and notes down choir commitments in their own diaries. ‘My mom did not tell me’ OR ‘’My child did not say anything”, is not an acceptable excuse.



The link for the new roster for this term is at the bottom of this letter.  Please ensure that you attend to your task as waiting parent.  If you cannot be there, please ensure that you have a replacement and please let either myself of Johan know who that person will be. 



There are still quite a number of chorister’s clothing fees outstanding and I urge you to please pay this amount before the end of May 2018.  Please ensure that your child’s choir uniform is kept together - especially the ties.  R20 will be charged for every replacement tie.  It is unacceptable for uniform items to go missing and us then having to issue new ones before or at a performance.

There are also Large and Extra-large choir t-shirts available (these may fit adults or high school learners) for R85 each.  Please let me know if you would like one.



We have a number of CD’s on hand and we urge you to buy them for your child to hear and experience the sound of the previous choirs.  These are available at R50 each from Rhona at rehearsals.  There are also a number of license disks and coasters on sale, which make lovely gifts.  These are also for sale at rehearsals.



We want to thank everyone who has already paid their choir and clothing fees.  For those who elected to pay monthly and who are keeping up to date with their payments, thank you. 

There are quite a number of choristers from whom we have not received any payments as yet.  Please keep us informed about your status and when you will be settling the full amount that is due. We have commitments which we need to honour and we cannot do this if we do not receive the fees.  If you have neglected to inform us of any change in your payment option, please do so now.

  • Please note:

An account will be considered to be in default if a payment is more than 14 days overdue. Membership will be suspended immediately (choristers will not be allowed to attend rehearsals) and terminated if the matter is not corrected within three rehearsals. All fees paid to date will be forfeited. Please contact Johan van Schalkwyk on 083 440 5772 immediately for alternate arrangements if you have a problem. 

You can also preload your monthly payments via the postdated payment function on your Internet Banking.

 Bank details:

ABSA Savings Account

Branch Code: 632005

Account number: 911 474 5507

Ref: Chorister's name



The choir has really grown this year and unfortunately with the increase in numbers there are problems that are rearing its head which will need to be addressed. 

One of these is the discipline of the choristers.  We prefer not to have to teach children self-discipline at choir, as we expect them to learn this at home.  Could we please ask parents to have a word with the choristers regarding discipline and the difficulties of teaching a group of children complicated music if they do not concentrate and co-operate. 

Small things can become big problems if it is not addressed now. 

  • When rehearsing new music, there are times that a specific voice group is left to help each other with learning and reinforcing the music, whilst the other voices are taught by Mr. van Zyl and Ms Engelbrecht. During these periods it is imperative that the choristers do not chat to each other and make a noise, thereby disrupting the rest of the rehearsal but do what was asked of them. 
  • When asked to stand, do so immediately, this is not the time to chat with your friends next to you or behind you. The same applies when asked to be seated. 

We want choir rehearsal to be enjoyable for the choristers - but we need to learn new music every week in a short timeframe and therefore need their full attention and cooperation.  We are starting with performances this term and we cannot struggle with ill-discipline or lack of co-operation from the choristers at performances, as this also affects their performance. 


CHOIR TOUR 2018/2019

At a committee meeting held on the 1st May, we unfortunately had to make a unanimous decision to cancel the planned choir tour.  There were a few reasons for this decision, the main and most important being financial. 

Please be assured that this is not a decision that was made in haste and we are all very disappointed that the tour did not come to fruition. 

We ask you to please e-mail your banking details, amount paid and chorister's name to Johan for a refund of any tour fees paid to date.

Please also note that if you have choir or clothing fees outstanding, it will be deducted from the tour fees paid, before the refund is made.


Should you have received any money from sponsors, we are legally obliged to refund them and NOT you personally. Please make sure you also send either a contact detail or bank details of any sponsor your child may have received money from. Do take into account that the refunding will be a time consuming task and that Johan has to do this while doing his own work, so please be patient.  We will endeavour to have all the refunds done by the end of May. We thank you in advance for your patience. Johan’s e-mail address is:


We want to thank you for your dedication up to this point in time in bringing your children to choir, discussing matters with me and for being there. 



Monica de Lange



Attached:      Choir Calendar – 2nd term

                        Waiting Duty – 2nd term