ECCC Fundraising: Win a Grocery Hamper


Dear Parents,


Fund raising for the choir without breaking the bank and taxing the little time we have available as very busy parents, has become an absolute sticky toffee!  I am sure you will all agree with me that if you only hear the word, your hair stands up straight!

We have really wracked our communal brains to try and find an inexpensive way to raise funds without costing a lot of money - but that would benefit the person who wins, in a practical way.

The idea that we came up with is: Win a R1000 monthly grocery hamper with tickets costing only R20 each. 

We would like our choristers to sell ONLY 10 TICKETS EACH per month, costing R20 per ticket.  We all have relatives, best friends, co-workers and neighbours who, for R20 a month, would like to stand a chance to win a R1 000 grocery hamper every month.  The kids have best friends’ moms, favourite teachers, etc. to help them in their endeavours. If you buy 1 ticket and you have 9 people who will give you R20 each month, your work is done!

We would like for this initiative to continue until the end of the year.  If it works well (and we trust that it will) we will continue with it next year.

We would also like to give our choristers the initiative to help sell tickets. Each month, the child that sells the most tickets, will receive R200 cash to spend on whatever they wish to.  The child, who sells the winning ticket every month, will also receive R200 in cash.

Henriette and Lyzet were so excited when we decided on this fund raising idea, that they have made a commitment to also sell 10 tickets every month to help grow our income.

We are really thankful for having such an enthusiastic  group of parents this year.  We are looking forward to the Heritage Day event, which also promises to be great fun and a wonderful opportunity to raise money for our choir.

Yours in fund raising,

Monica, Henriette and Lyzet