Sunday 4 October 2015 - Mass at St Thomas-Beckett Anglican Church, St Michaelis Church and Harbour Cruise

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Sunday, 4th October 2015

This morning we met at 9 for warm-ups at the St. Thomas-Beckett Anglican Church here in Hamburg. The English priest's first words to me were that their household is currently in mourning, as the English lost to Australia and the Scots to South Africa yesterday (his wife is Scottish)! From the word go we were made to feel welcome and the children responded to the warmth by singing as only they can. I could literally see in their faces how much they enjoyed the music!

Today was harvest festival and everyone brought fresh produce to the church that was to be distributed to those less fortunate. Even this far north there are very many Syrian refugees and of course many other people who need assistance. At the end of the service the priest requested the children to come down. Those of the Anglican faith were offered communion, whilst every other child, no matter what their faith, received a blessing. As far as I can remember this has never happened and we were very touched by this kind gesture. The congregation were very appreciative and many made a point to speak to the adults and the kids and compliment them on the beautiful sounds they create.

From the church it was a short walk to the St Michaelis Cathedral, where we were amazed by the height of the tower and the size of the church inside. A quick impromptu performance showed another place with excellent accoustics to the delight of the other visitors in the church, whereafter everyone climbed the equivalent of ten stories of stairs up AND down to see the few of Hamburg from the top of the church tower! Tannie Amanda and Tannie Yvette decided that those heights were not for them and chose to take Siviwe for a cup of coffee.

From there another short walk to the harbour, where we loved walking along all the restaurants, stalls and ice-cream parlours before boarding our cruise boat. Unfortunately the guide only spoke in German, but we had some of our hosts there who were happy to point out the most important sites in English. Hamburg is the second largest container harbour in Europe. I do not know how many Coegas we will fit in there, but the cranes alone were awesome to look at!

Tonight we are packing our suitcases for our trip to Halle tomorrow where, I am 100% positive, we will have another phenomenal reception. 

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