Our take-off is less than forty days away!

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Tuesday, 25th August 2015

Wow, it is really hard to believe that we are approaching the one month mark before take-off! Europe is slowly waking up from its summer holiday slumber and the final, nitty gritty details are being arranged. Some interesting facts:

  • For our tour with 45 children and 10 adults (that includes our bus driver, Markus), we need 990 beds and 2970 meals!
  • Elaine, our travel agent, had to book 324 aeroplane tickets!
  • We will have six host cities, but also visit a few more. These include Wolfsburg, Leipzig and Dresden in Germany, and Olomouc and Jablonec in the Czech Republic.
  • We are extremely dependent on the goodwill of our hosts, who arrange concerts, hosting, meals and assist us with the organising of an interesting and varied sight-seeing programme. All these arrangements took place via e-mail - a whopping 400+ messages flew backwards and forwards across the continents!
  • Since May 2015, Lyzet and Henriette have swopped over 200 e-mails - all directly related to the tour.
  • This is the first tour undertaken by the ECCC with the new immigration laws in place, and the first time that most of our choristers (or their parents) experienced the new Schengen Visa application system. A big thanks to Janita and her staff at the Port Elizabeth branch of Intergate Visalink for all their efforts!



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