9 October 2012

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Tuesday, 9th October 2012

So, between airports, lost (and found) luggage, and power failures, I finally find the time to write our last entry for the 2012 tour.

On Monday morning we sadly (yes, in Würzburg we also feel at home) said goodbye after three wonderful days. ALL the children were terribly spoilt, not to speak about the adults! For the adults it was wonderful to spend time with old friends and we were truly sad to leave.

The plan for the day was to have fun and for that the weather cleared, although it remained chilly with a 0°C start in the morning. Our destination: Freizeitland Geiselwind. The orders - you may shout and scream as much as you want. And shout and scream they did! Even Lionel went on the terrifying roller coaster!

It was a good reward for these children, who made us so proud in the past two and a half weeks and it was wonderful to see them laugh and be happy as we strolled around the park. For us it was also lovely not to have to herd them in a single direction for once!

Our flights went without hitch (we just did not have the time to wrap our luggage, but it seems that all was fine) and we were all very happy to be home. Thank you for the warm welcome!

By now we've all had a bit of sleep. Consolidating our experiences and putting them into words will take a while and, over the next few months, parents can expect many stories to emerge. Physically it is all over, but mentally we will relive it for many years to come!

So now, it is time for thank you. Thank you to every parent and sponsor who made it possible for these children to have the experience. Thank you to the parents who assisted with the huge organisation before the tour. Specifically Petro du Toit (clothing) and Carol Leonard (communications and visa applications). Thank you to Clare Hubbard for making sure that our guests from Prague have homes in Port Elizabeth. Thank you to Johann from Cultour Africa (aeroplane tickets), Elaine Looss (travel insurance and luggage tags) and, to our beloved driver, Markus. We hope to see him and Judith in SA soon!

Thank you to every contact person in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and ALL their team members. THANK YOU to our wonderful hosts, who made sure we had a bed and NEVER, EVER went hungry!

From me, Henriette, thank you to Louis, Yvette and Trish, whose hands were always ready to help.

Thank you Albert and Jenny. Albert says he is retiring from choir tours, but wow, we could not wish for a better accompanist on the organ. Dankie aan julle albei vir julle sin vir humor en wonderlike ondersteuning. Dit beteken ongelooflik baie.

Amanda and Liske. The children's excellent performance showed your value as repetitors. Amanda, dankie vir jou altyd mooi klavierspel and Liske, your solos really added value to our performances.

Lastly, the BIGGEST THANK YOU to our beloved Meneer, who in his special way, molds our children into the professional choir that is the ECCC, AB pills or not!

Neumunster, Wurzburg Winelands, Geizelwind - 09 October 2012

Goodbye Markus, Hello South Africa! - 09 October 2012

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