8 October 2015 - Prague

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Thursday, 8th October 2015

It is now Friday lunch time and for the first time I have some opportunity to write about yesterday's adventures. It was indeed a long and busy day - it is not so easy to leave home at 7am and only return after the concert, but we managed and had a lot of fun in the process.

As it was still raining in the morning, and we have to always consider the fact that this is a concert tour, and our children's voices need to be in tip-top shape, we decided to rather not do the walking tour of the old city, but to rather do this today (Friday morning). Instead we went to the technical museum, where there are many exhibition, such as the history of time-keeping, astrology, the periodic table, glass manufacturing, textile manufacturing, a special exhibition of the history of photography, space and a massive exhibit of motorcars, motorcycles and aeroplanes. The last mentioned exhibit is in a huge hall with galleries for the motorcycles, the planes hanging from the roof and the motorcar ehibition on the floor below. Amongst all of this we found a grand piano and it was not long before our angels' voices soared through the air, to the enjoyment of staff and visitors alike.

Over lunch time we visited the Palladium Shopping Centre in the middle of Prague, where the children could change their money, or withdraw. Of course they did not waste MUCH time to get some serious shopping done.

We were fortunate to arrive at the concert hall around 3pm. This gave us an opportunity for a rehearsal and a quick nap, before having to perform for the Czech newspapers and TV station, who are doing a special piece about the choir. You should have seen them sing Sithi Alleluia for the TV camera!

With pizza to ward off the hunger pains, we listened to the outstanding Czech Philharmonic Children's Choir, as they performed some works from a local composer. They also launched a CD.

As we are starting to take for granted, the ECCC was excellent! The audience absolutely loved everything we sang, but the traditional music brought the house down and we were rewarded with another standing ovation. Our hosts has a little boy of ten, who said to me afterwards that to him, the difference between the two choirs was that the South African children REALLY seemed to be enjoying every note they sing - what a fine compliment!

Going home several children wanted to make sure that we are not leaving Prague just yet, as they were having far too much fun, and I can see that the eventual goodbyes are going to be difficult.

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