7 October 2015 - Halle to Prague

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Wednesday, 7th October 2015

So, here we are, about a 100km from Prague. Today did not happen exactly as planned, thanks to the rainy weather, but maybe that was a good thing after the past few very busy days.

We said a sad goodbye to our hosts this morning. To some of the adults these kind people have become dear friends over the years and we are always grateful for the opportunity to meet again. They were most impressed by the choir’s full and open sound last night and, of course, that makes us even prouder than ever!

Despite the rain we managed a visit to the St. Thomas church in Leipzig, and a quick photo at the statue of Johann Sebastian Bach. The choir warmed up in the bus and we took a quick chance to sing two songs in the church. A young gentleman came up to Louis and Lyzet to enquire about whether we’d obtained permission to sing, but he allowed the choir to finish Salvation  and Middelpunt van my verlange, enough for them to experience the accoustics of the church.

By this time it was clear that a walking tour of Dresden would turn into a very soggy affair and that our choir master would suffer great trauma were we to proceed. Our doctor is also working hard enough, so, after some conferring with Markus and the tour guides, we decided to shorten the tour to a one-hour bus tour, before visiting a local shopping mall for a bite to eat and a leg stretch.

This turned out to be a good thing, as the kids could roam freely for a bit. Upstairs all is quiet now, as they are absorbed in a kids’ version of Pirates of the Caribbean. Have I mentioned how cool our bus is? The sound system and video screens have excellent quality!

We look forward to Prague. Tomorrow will be another busy, long day and then, on Friday, we have the day off to have fun – no sightseeing activities, just something fun and exciting, but we’ll keep you up to date, I promise.



It is now almost ten pm and I hope the kids are in or near their beds. It has been a long and busy week so far and they (and us) really need to get a good night's sleep. Good night all!


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