7 October 2012

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Sunday, 7th October 2012

And here we are. The official part of our tour is something of the past. Yes, I shed a tear or two this morning. Almost two years of planning and it seems to be over in the blink of an eye, but I think on another level we are also ready to come home.

The mass this morning was in another spectacular church with wonderful acoustics. The beauty and splendour of the newly renovated Neumünster church certainly knocked my breath away. It was a really special thanksgiving service and we shared the choir duties with the Domsingknaben, whose newest members had their first performance today. We sang the mass and they did everything else inbetween. A true celebration of the friendship between the choirs.

The kids could hardly sit still to listen to their 'final orders', before disappearing with their hosts for another exciting day. On the agenda was the zoo, the Residenz, the Festung and many more exciting activities, including downhill soccer, resulting in four stitches in Brandon's knee! It is a good thing the Vissers were close by and the hosts' kitchen table , to their amusement, quickly turned into a surgery. 'n Boer kan mos 'n plan maak, of hoe?

Relaxing a bit before the long haul home is a good thing and tomorrow we will do more of the same, when we visit a fun park for the day.

For now I say good-bye, as I will most probably only write again once we are back in Port Elizabeth. See you on Tuesday!

Animal Farm - 07 October 2012

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