6 October 2015 - Halle

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Tuesday, 6th October 2015

So, here we are in the Ulrichskirche Concert Hall in Halle. The Kinderchor der Stadt Halle entertained us with some interesting repertoire before the break and now the audience is applauding while the ECCC is walking onto the stage. There is an interesting reason why I (Henriette) am sitting here typing, instead of in the audience, listening.

Over my history with the choir we have sung in some very interesting places with some very interesting technical challenges and this is one of them. I am up at the organ where I will be ‘conducting’ for Hanlie, who cannot see Lionel, nor the choir, AT ALL! 

So , this is how it is going to work: Lionel will be conducting the choir. Amanda will, with her left hand when she is not playing and her body language when the piano and organ are playing together, conduct me, who will then complete the chain to Hanlie. OMW!

I must tell you that the accoustics here are wonderful and Salvation just brought goosebumps.

Today was busy and interesting. Sybille Amoury, the local organiser, and by now a dear friend, is part of a special team of teachers, who opened a new Gymnasium (and ‘academic’ high school from grade 5 to 12) at the beginning of the European school year in the city centre. We started our day with a very interactive concert at this new school that currently consists of only grade 5’s.

The school children first sang to us as a gesture of welcoming, before Lionel introduced the ECCC in a very interactive manner. Our audience loved every note and at the end there were some interactive songs. We each left with a small gift and some sweets and a very warm feeling in our hearts.

Then followed the Händel House, the house where composer Georg Friendrich Händel was born and is today a museum about his life and work. The museum takes you through various rooms where his life history is told, before you get to an exhibition of various instruments of the orchestra, the various keyboard instruments from harpsichord to modern grand pianos and various organs (even the inside of an organ). Probably the most interesting section is the part where the children can experiment with producing the different types of sounds created by the instruments. We had a hard time getting them out of there.

From there Jumana, Sybille’s daughter, and two of here friends took the kids on a whirlwind tour of Halle’s town centre, before letting them loose on the shops. Parents will be happy to know that nobody was lost and all reported in one piece for the afternoon’s rehearsal, before going home to refresh for tonight’s concert.

We are now nearing the end of the concert, with Homeless currently floating through the concert hall and I can say with confidence that your children sang their hearts out tonight. It gives me great pleasure to hear and see them every time they sing, as it is SO apparent that they love every note they produce.

Tomorrow, Leipzig, Dresden and PRAGUE!


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