6 October 2012

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Saturday, 6th October 2012

Can you believe that I wrote the entire blog for today and then managed to delete it! Oi!!!! Here we go again...

Saying goodbye in Münster yesterday once again brought me under the impression of how easy it is to make friends, despite language and cultural barriers. In two short days the hosts and children went from stiff handshakes to warm hugs, smiles and promises to keep in touch. Heartwarming!

We tackled the road to Würzburg in the pouring rain and encountered heavy mist and wind along the way. We were not at all sure whether our visit to the Saalburg Roman Fort was going to be possible, but it turned out that most was indoors and, thanks to a very engaging guide, Frau Tritschler, we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

We realised that this would be the last time that we were all together in a relatively controlled environment and used the opportunity to wish Albert a happy 70th birthday for tomorrow. Jenny and him left this morning for Luxembourg, where they will spend the special day, and the  next week with their children. The Roman assembly hall had good acoustics and he had his own special concert that had our guide in tears!

Martin Berger and his choir boys were there to meet us and assist with carrying the luggage upstairs. From there it was off to our concert venue for a rehearsal. We were absolutely overawed by the scale of the church and, of course, the wonderful acoustics. It was immediately clear that this was going to be a wonderful concert, and it was, from the first note sung by the Dom Girls' choir, through to the boys' choir, with its pure unbroken voices and warm tenors and bases, and of course, our own ECCC, who, by all accounts, gave one of their best performances to date. Many of the choir's old friends were there and all were agreed that this was the best ECCC performance they had ever experienced.

After the concert there were some excited reunions. Martin and Charlotte's parents, Charlotte's sister and her grandfather were all there to greet us, as was many of our friends from previous tours. Even Roux's previous host mom came looking and managed to change the hosting arrangements in order to have him in her house again!

I know of at least two people who, despite the best intentions, managed to sleep until nine this morning and am sure that the rest of the crew did the same. The past two weeks were exhausting and it is clear that most of us are now getting ready to go home.

We meet again tomorrow morning for the morning mass at Neumünster, and the end of our official duties on this tour. We will spend today and the rest of Sunday with the hosts, before leaving early on Monday morning for a day of fun that will definitely ensure a sleeping choir on the flight back to OR Tambo! Will tell you all about it afterwards!


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