6 October 2010

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Wednesday, 6th October 2010

Nobody can ask for a better homecoming reception! Thank you to every parent, brother, sister, cousin and friend who waited outside the arrival hall. Thank you for the flowers, the hugs, the smiles and the waves! We had a wonderful tour and this was exactly the right way to end it!

We started our day yesterday with a short visit to the Austrian town of Feldkirch, where we dropped Mr Van Zyl and Liske for her singing lessons. So now we can say that we visited not three, but FIVE countries (Luxemburg too) during our tour!

Our visit to Neuschwanstein yesterday was a little more strenuous than expected - the castle sits at the top of a rather high and steep hill - but the exercise was a good thing for us, who were about to spend the best part of 24 hours in one position.

The castle is truly magnificent and one can see how it is possible that it has grabbed the imagination of all who've visited it. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos inside, but we managed two or three good ones from the outside, as well as some of the neighboring castle, the name of which escapes me now in my state of exhaustion! (Linderhof)

Thank you to all who made this tour possible - Mr Van Zyl and the choir, Prof Troskie, Mrs Hanlie Young, Amanda Engelbrecht, Liske Potgieter, and of course the helpers at home. Three that need a special mention are Yolande Pratt and Carol Leonard, who kept the SMS chain going, and Annette vd Merwe, who made sure the uniform emergencies were manageable. What we we would have done without the emergency sewing kit we simply do not know! Thank you also to Yolande and her team for the lovely packet of sweets we received as a farewell gift.

A  thank you also to Dr Louis Visser, who worked like a slave to make sure that EVERY chorister sang at EVERY concert.

Our bus driver, Markus Gassner, drove with skill ( the millimetres to spare in some instances were terrifying), patience and a wonderful sense of humour. We also drove a lot further than expected and he very kindly sponsored the extra miles.

Lastly, a BIG thank you to the parents, who trusted us with what is most precious to them. Your support, prayers, e-mails and sms's were appreciated. Be proud of your children. They deserve it!

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