5 October 2015: Goodbye Hamburg, Autostadt, Wolfsburg and hello Halle!

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Monday, 5th October 2015

So, here we are at four o’ clock in the afternoon on our way to Halle from Wolfsburg and we are still in Wolfsburg, stuck in the WORST traffic jam in choir tour history! The ambulance came past with sirens screaming like crazy, so we assume that the explanation is an accident somewhere ahead. 

We bade our lovely hosts in Hamburg an early goodbye this morning after a wonderful first few tour days. The kids are happy and more relaxed now that they know what hosting entails and see that our hosts are ‘normal’ people, just like us. By now you’ve probably also seen your child’s photo on WhatsApp and know that they are alive and well.

Our trip to Wolfsburg and the Volkswagen Autostadt was lovely, although far too short to take in everything. The motor history museum alone needs about three hours and then there are very many other exhibits. Some of the kids discovered the Porsche amphitheatre and its beautiful accoustics and soon you could hear their voices from far away. It is an absolute joy to see how much they love singing! 

The younger children (11 and younger and a few who look 11, hehe) had a special treat. They were invited to have driving lessons in special little cars – complete with a theory and practical lessons and a test at the end. I am not sure whether they all passed but we now have a few extra licensed drivers in our company!

One of the employees at Autostadt spent many years in South Africa and begged to hear the children sing. Tannie Amanda quickly gathered them together for Sithi Alleluia and the children then decided on Salvation as an encore. The accoustics were awesome and created many goosebumps!

For those who are wondering what we did to our choir director, as a birthday present we arranged for him to visit the famous Steinway Piano Factory in Hamburg this morning and take the train to Halle. He will join us again tomorrow morning. 

Once we arrive in Halle we will go straight to our hosts. Tomorrow will start early and we have a concert in the evening, but more about that then. 


We finally arrived at 19h30 and are now slowly getting ready for bed. We look forward to seeing a bit of Halle tomorrow.


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