4 October 2012

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Thursday, 4th October 2012

After the last week's many performances and ALWAYS having to be focussed, it was wonderful for all of us to have a day without a concert looming. Albert took the train to visit a motorcycle show in Cologne, Jenny spent the day loafing about the house, and we gave Lionel the day off too!

Tannie Yvette is celebrating her birthday today and the children all made sure she was not forgotten. From the choir she received two lovely gifts to remember her special day in Münster.

Unfortunately we woke up to a very rainy day and quickly realised that we needed a 'Plan B' as alternative to the planned walking tour of the Münster Old City. After some consulting with our hosts we decided that ice-skating was the thing to do and Markus (who was supposed to have the day off) was phoned and asked to bring the bus. Fortunately for us he decided at the last moment not to accompany Albert to the motorcycle show!

The skating was loads of fun. Most of the kids had never done it before, so it took a while for us to find our feet, but oh, what fun! EVERY single child participated and Henriette (the only adult to put on a pair of skates) proved to be quite an effective skating teacher. Whether she'll be able to walk tomorrow remains to be seen! {#emotions_dlg.laughing} Poor Roslyn received four stitches after Lukhanyiso skated over her finger and Louis earned his keep by stitching her up in the first aid room, but that was the only mishap. PHEW!

After a wonderful lunch of hot dogs and salads at the singing school, we had some fun sing-along time with some of the host kids, before taking to the streets for some (guess what) shopping!!!! By this time the rain had cleared somewhat and we could walk around and get a bit of an idea of the inner city.

Tonight we spend with the hosts before meeting tomorrow morning for our travels to Würzburg. Although we will be sad to leave this wonderful experience behind, we are also ready to start thinking about going home. Yes, we hate to admit it, but we ARE starting to miss home!

Muenster Concert and Ice Skating - 04 October 2012

Some of the ice skating photos are a bit blurry, but we decided to post them anyway!

Louis Halle, Leipzig, Chemnitz, Munster - 04 October 2012

Skating in Munster - 04 October 2012

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