4 October 2010

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Monday, 4th October 2010

Nobody was disappointed today. We woke up to yet another day of perfect weather and were quickly underway to Flumsberg in the Alps, the postcard picture perfect landscape getting more perfect by the kilometer.

A hairy bus ride up a very steep, narrow and winding road, brought us to the Flumserberg Ski Resort, where we were quickly boarded on the ski-lift (another first for most of the choristers) to the top of the Rodlbahn (summer toboganning). There was only one problem - 2km is far too short. It was not long before children started digging into their own pockets for additional rides and rumour has it that some went up the mountain four times.

I am writing from an Internet Cafe in Zurich, where we hoped to be able to load the photos from the weekend and this morning. Unfortunately we need Internet Explorer to enable us to do this, and they also only use Firefox. Sorry about that, but until we can connect my computer to a wireless network, there is nothing we will be able to do. Fortunately, we are almost home.

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