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Saturday, 3rd October 2015

Good morning from a chilly, but clear Hamburg!

What does one say about travelling for more than 30 hours, apart from that we were VERY happy for a shower and a flat bed last night! I think everyone's ears were also grateful to finally have some silence!

Although it was tiring, it was also wonderful to see the excitement in all the new experiences - from simple things like travellators, to shopping on their own, to taking the train between terminals at Dubai - they enjoyed it all!

We are also happy and grateful to report what a great bunch of kids this is. Even when roaming freely in the duty-free areas, or doing cartwheels in a 'traffic-free' corner, they elicited compliments from all and sundry - from crew, to cleaning staff and fellow passengers. What a joy!

Hopefully they are all only starting to wake up now and will do a little exploring before meeting at 13h00 for our concert, where we expect to see happy smiles and relief that the first hosting experience is behind them and that it is wonderful, as we promised!

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