3 October 2015 - And our first concert is done

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Saturday, 3rd October 2015

Wow, we've had a wonderful day! After a lazy (very much needed, I'll have you know) start, we all met up at 13h00 for our first concert. Happy smiles and thumbs-up signs are all we received. The children were competing to tell us the reason why THEY think THEIR hosts are the best and suddenly most of the health complaints that were so pressing by last night were forgotten!

The church is lovely, with beautiful stained glass windows and, even more importantly, fantastic accoustics. From the first warm-up notes it was clearly that this was not going to be an ordinary concert and we were not disappointed. 

The children gave Lionel and the audience their all and it was hard not to have a lump in one's throat. Those who remember the Hamburg Girls's Choir from last year will be happy to hear that they sound even better than before! What a fine example of good choral music to our children!

Unfortunately we are having a few problems with loading photos from our cameras, so please be patients. We will try to fix it as soon as possible. In the mean while, watch our facebook page and whatsapp group for 'in the moment' photos and be happy in the knowledge that they are all fine and happy.

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