3 October 2010

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Sunday, 3rd October 2010

As promised, everyone was allowed to sleep in this morning and we were met with much brighter eyes (adults and children alike). We had a warm-up rehearsal at the church, before going on a leisurely stroll through the Village of Bülach. Our concert this afternoon was in the beautiful Baroque Style Catholic church, but we also managed to see the Protestant Church, a much simpler structure, BUT with a very high clock tower. It was our lucky day and we were allowed to scale the 184 steps to the top. Our reward? A wonderful view of Bülach and the surrounding countryside.

Our last concert of the tour will be remembered for a long time. The church is beautiful (as I`ve said) and the accoustics were excellent. We had our standing ovation, whereafter everyone joined us in the church hall for something to eat and drink.

There were even a couple of South Africans who enjoyed speaking Afrikaans and soon the choir gathered again and the concert continued with Ou Tante Koba and a replay of the African Traditional music. What a wonderful highlight for the musical end of our tour!

The secret is out about tomorrow`s activity, but you at home will have to wait until then...

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