29 September 2012

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Saturday, 29th September 2012

Oh my goodness, we are overwhelmed! Leaving Illertissen this morning the children were near tears. They had become fast friends with their hosts and really did not want to leave, but our reception in Halle soon proved that there are wonderful hosts all over Europe and all were more than happy to go 'home' tonight.

The afternoon and concert was BUSY! FOUR choirs having to rehearse, get changed, eat and perform and though the air was filled with a lot more excitement than what we are used to before a concert, all was well and we had a wonderful concert. We shared it with the Halle Youth Choir, the Halle Children's Choir (our official hosts) and Schola Cantorum Aristotele Pacini from Atri, in the south of Italy. Henriette and Trish had a WONDERFUL time in the front with their cameras and the Italian men, not to speak of tannie Jenny and Yvette at the party after the concert!

Yes, there was a party, where a lot of eating and dancing took place (even Louis and Henriette made a turn on the floor), but by now the exhausted children are hopefully in bed and will sleep until late tomorrow morning, as we only have to meet at 13h00 to travel to Coswig for the concert.

Lionel's quote for the day: Borrie en Kerrie (you'll have to ask him about it...)

Oh, and we are exactly half way with the tour today!

Yo Nurnburg/Halle - 29 September 2012

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