28 September 2012

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Friday, 28th September 2012

Today we had a relatively relaxed day (at least the adults did). The kids were up bright and early to join their hosts at school for the first four lessons, after which they had a short rehearsal with Lionel and then proceeded to do a workshop with the 5th grade music class, teaching them Pata-Pata. They are excellent teachers!

The adults could sleep a bit later and have a relaxed breakfast and stroll through town before meeting the children at the school.

After lunch (some went home with their hosts and other had lunch in the school cafeteria) we were off to Ulm (the ECCC in one bus and Chorkids-Illertissen in another). At Ulm we had a short 'impromptu concert' in the cathedral. The children are now more used to the acoustics and gave a wonderful performance - again very much appreciated by all who were in the cathedral at the time.

After the performance the host kids took over and managed to convince quite a few of our choristers to climb the 700 steps of the church tower (the highest in the world). The results - beautiful photos of the town and surrounding countryside. The rest immediately took to the streets and I am now becoming seriously concerned about their suitcases' weight and the children's ability to fit everything in!

The adults have just returned from a lovely Chinese/Taiwanese/Thai supper and are once again praying hard that nothing will be forgotten tomorrow morning. We will be very sad to say goodbye tomorrow morning, as the children have really connected with the host children, and hope that they will be in Port Elizabeth on their own choir tour sooner, rather than later.

We received an SMS from Sybille in Halle earlier this evening, to confirm that all is arranged and they are excited about our impending arrival and tomorrow evening's concert. So, here we go again!

To Ulm - 28 September 2012

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