28 September 2010

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Tuesday, 28th September 2010

The temperature has really dropped and suddenly we are seeing a lot more scarves and gloves around. Our walk around the town of Donaueschingen yesterday was very interesting. The town is the hometown of the Fürstenberg family, of which only four people live in a MASSIVE palace right next to the fountain that is widely regarded as the origin of the Danube River. There is so much water everywhere you look and it really makes us sad at times to think that we have a water crisis at home!

Everyone is happy at their hosts and by now most of us have learnt that staying with someone other than your best friend gives you an opportunity to make new friends.

This morning we drove to Freiburg. The highways are closed and we were forced to take the scenic route through the Black Forest. We truly understand now why this is regarded as one of the most beautiful parts of Germany - it is postcard picture perfect!

At Freiburg we stopped at the majestic cathedral where the ensemble quickly gathered for Heben deine Augen auf, before we split for (yet another) shopping opportunity. The children are quite street smart by now. The best thing is to get back on the bus and see what everyone has bought. They are so excited and it is heartwarming to see how many of them are spending the majority of their money on gifts for family and friends.

From there it was on to Titisee, a small lake in the middle of the Black Forest, and unashamedly a tourist trap, with a picturesque setting and loads of touristy gift shops....

We're looking forward to our concert with the Fürstenberg Gymnasium Choir tonight. Tomorrow, France via Switzerland!

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