28 September 2006

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Thursday, 28th September 2006


It is now almost 15h00 in Halle (and South Africa) and everybody is (once again) in the shops!

Yesterday afternoon we travelled to Zerbst, a town about 100km from Halle, for the evening's concert. We were, once again, made to feel most welcome and enjoyed performing in the newly renovated cathedral. Unfortunately the organ is under repair (all the pipes and inner works are spread out on the balcony) and Prof Troskie had to improvise on the electric piano! He really needs a special commendation for the seemingly endless number of tricks he can pull out his sleeve when the situation is not what we would like it to be!

The concert was started off by a Junior Choir from Zerbst, whereafter the Kinderchor der Stadt Halle, with whom we are also performing here tonight, presented and entertaining and well-rounded program. We ended with a standing ovation (again) and you at home can be mighty proud of your offspring / grandchildren / friends / cousins / nieces / nephews!

This morning we travelled to the Merseburg Castle, where we received a guided tour of the cathedral. This was a tour with a difference. It was interactive and the children got to dress up in clothes and enact little scenes from the 1000 year history of the cathedral. We climbed 138 steps to the top of the bell tower and got to design and paint our own coat of arms!

Lunch was, once again, in the university canteen. Later this afternoon we will convene at the Ulrichskirche for a rest before the evening's concert.

This will probably be the last time we get to write in the journal for now. Internet access and time are problematic. Please also no more e-mails. We promised the children that we will tell you that they all love you and miss you lots and, although its been a lot of fun, they are ready to come home!

Tomorrow we visit and old mine in the mountains, whereafter we will go for a walk and play in the woods. In the evening we will have a garden party at the music school here. On Saturday morning we meet at 05h30 for the first leg of our trip back home!

Oh, and please remember that we informed the schools that they will only return to school on Tuesday. So don't hesitate to allow them a day of coming back to earth and catching up on some sleep on Monday!

PS We hope to load some photos before the end of the weekend.

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