27 September 2012

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Thursday, 27th September 2012

On the road for one week! It is really hard to believe that we have not seen our families for a whole 7 days! Fortunately for us the children don't seem to be missing home too much! (Sorry Parents...). We were sad to say goodbye to Uttendorf, Mittersill and our wonderful hosts. The area is really beautiful and Louis and I have no problem at all seeing ourselves living there permanently!

Today was a quieter day than what we've had this past week, as we had to be in Illertissen by 14h00 to meet our hosts. We did have time for a short stop in Munich, where a few children managed to get German SIM cards and the Red Jacket Brigade invaded KFC. Due to the Oktoberfest (only one of the reasons why Munich is a famous city), the traffic was terrible and we were 40 minutes late. However, our excited hosts waited patiently and I can honestly say that the children were greeted very warmly, with plenty of hugs doing the rounds.

Leon thought he'd landed in heaven when his hostess (a PRETTY German girl) claimed him as hers ('He's mine'), and tonight before the concert the children all confirmed our first impressions - yet another set of wonderful hosts.

Tonight's concert was shared with the Chorkids Illertissen, who opened the programme with quite a varied programme, including some really interesting arrangements of German folk music. You could literally hear the coocoo sing and 'see' the ants working - wonderful! The concert was a great success, with the audience clapping for more and Lionel relenting with a second encore (I cannot remember that EVER happening in my time with the choir)!

The adults now have a bit of time off. We are all together in a hotel and just enjoyed a lovely restaurant dinner as the guests of the Illertissen Gymnasium's headmaster (who, incidentally, was quite emotional by the end of our concert). Tomorrow morning the kids will go to school with their hosts, attending four lessons before a rehearsal with Lionel, a workshop with the grade 5 music class (we are going to teach them a Xhosa song), lunch in the school dining room, and our visit to Ulm.

The lack of internet connections should now be something of the past and, hopefully, most parents have heard from their children. We thank you for the faith you put in us and promise you that your kids are not only wonderful singers, but also marvellous human beings!

Oops, I cannot remember Lionel's quote! Will have to confirm tomorrow morning!

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To Illertissen - 27 September 2012

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