27 September 2008

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Saturday, 27th September 2008

After the excitement of the first two weeks of the tour (yes, we've been gone almost two weeks already!) today was exactly what we needed. Firstly we did not have to be anywhere at the crack of dawn with the ferry leaving at the very decent time of 11h00.

The relaxing ferry ride was, once again, enjoyed by all and the shops received due attention. We are becoming just a LITTLE concerned  about weight on the return flights...

The bus ride of about 170km to Jyväskylä took us past beautiful lakes and woods with the most beautiful autumn colours imagineable. We also commandeered Hesburger to come to us instead of us going to Hesburger!  It is suddenly cold (about 8 degrees Celcius) after the unusually warm weather in Tallinn and we will finally need some of the warm clothes we've been carrying along so diligently! Our reception, however, was very warm and we are sure the children and adults alike are being spoilt rotten already!

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