26 September 2008

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Friday, 26th September 2008

The fact that we had a bit more time to sleep did not seem to have too much of an effect and a very subdued and bleary-eyed choir met us this morning! Getting to bed so late for such a long time with such a busy daily program is definitely catching up!

Fortunately we only had a short concert at School Number 32, before everyone scattered in their own direction to have the rest of the day off. The adults were also relieved to be able to enjoy some sight-seeing of the Old Town on their own (with a guide kindly organised by the hosts). We met many a red jacket on our tour and heard about ice-skating and sailing, so we are sure that everybody had a fun time and, hopefully, an early night!

Sorry folks, no photos today. We were far too busy doing our own thing!

Tomorrow we'll be back on the fast ferry to Helsinki and on to Jyväskulä. We will NEVER forget Estonia!

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