25 September 2012

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Tuesday, 25th September 2012

Oh, we had a wonderful day. Waking up in the Austrian countryside and hearing about milking cows, fetching eggs and other farm activities immediately warmed us on a rather chilly, overcast morning. Our first  stop, the Krimmler Waterfall, is the highest waterfall in Europe. We climbed to just under halfway up the waterfalls (1180m) and, thanks to a wonderful invention by Louis, Beth in her wheelchair did that too! The masses of water and the roar of the water are very impressive. If Port Elizabeth could get the water that roars over these falls in one day every year, we would never have water restrictions again!

The woods surrounding the falls are beautiful and, somewhere along the course of the morning, the sun started peeking through the clouds, bathing the village in the valley in the softest, most wonderful sunlight.

We ambled down, through the souvenir shops (of course) and then had a picnic lunch in the car park, before going to our next stop, the Rodlbahn Kaprun. By now there were only a few clouds left and we were enjoying warm sunshine and a brilliant blue sky. A few of the children were not at all sure whether they wanted to do this, but after the first ride, they were digging into their own pockets to pay for more rides. Lionel threatened them with a slow, painful death if they hurt their voices before the concert tonight and I am happy to report that, thanks to excellent discipline, we had no squealing and we still have 52 live choristers on tour. J Nathan received a special birthday present from the park when they gave him a (second) free Rodlbahn ride – what fun!

As I am writing the children have just come down from their pre-concert rehearsal and are sitting down for spaghetti bolognaise, prepared by Markus’ mom Irmgard and some of the other Gassner family members. The hospitality we are experiencing is awesome and we could not have asked for more. 

The church here in Mittersill (Catholic) is beautiful inside (watch the website for Trish’s photographs) with very good acoustics. The concert promises to be a wonderful one.

Now it is time to eat and get ready for the concert. I’ll end with Lionel’s quote for the day: ‘When an ECCC chorister dies and has to choose between heaven and the toilet, they’ll choose the toilet.’

Oh, remember to see the photos on facebook too! Also, many of us do not have internet connectivity. The children have asked me to tell you that they are OK and will contact you ASAP when we are back in Germany.

PS The concert was wonderful. A standing ovation that lasted forever! We are so proud of our beautiful, disciplined, talented choristers and we know that, as the tour progresses, they will only get better and better!

Uttendorf: Krimmler Waterfall and Rodlbahn - 25 September 2012

We had a lovely day enjoying the beautiful Austrian countryside. First we visited the Krimmler waterfall, where, thanks to Doc Louis' invention and some strong and energetic fellow choristers, even Beth made it to 1170m! iin the evening, spaghetti bolognaise and a beautiful concert in Mittersill.

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