24 September 2012

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Monday, 24th September 2012

This morning we said good-bye to our new (and some old)  friends in Zürich. Without exception we all had an absolutely wonderful time, and we were even a little sad to leave so soon. However, we have more adventures waiting and for those we are also ready!

Our first stop was in the world´s second smallest country, Liechtenstein, where we admired the castle at the top of the hill from below and had a short walk through the shops. Many of the children purchased a coin as proof that they too visited this very small, but very rich, country.

From there to Innsbrück, where we had our first opportunity for a street concert. Lionel found three spaces with good accoustics and the áudiences´were most appreciative of our music, and interested in where we come from. We were well rewarded for our efforts and somewhere before the end of the tour everyone will get and ice cream from our profits. This, too, was the first real opportunity for shopping and for the adults it was a real adventure to see all the interesting things in the children´s shopping bags.Of course we will not let the cat out the bag and you will just have to wait patiently until they arrive home.

The old city of Innsbruck is beautiful. It is a pedestrian area with many street cafes, cobble stones and wonderfully preserved old buildings. We all found the famous golden roof and enjoyed the beauty of our surroundings.

Then came Uttendorf, home of our bus driver friend Markus Gassner and his family. From our sms earlier you will have gathered that the scenery is spectacular and I cannot wait for tomorrow and (hopefully) clearer skies. Amanda and five of the girls are staying with Markus and Judith, while Louis and I are with Markus´s parents. A number of us are with other members of the Gassner family.

Uttendorf will prove to be an adventure of a different kind to our children, many of whom are staying on farms- one farmer is hosting Yvette and TEN children. Apparently they have EIGHT children of their own, so you will understand when I say that I would love to be a fly on that wall tonight.

Tomorrow will be a fun day, before our first concert, so, as I have to be well rested for that mountain, I now say good night.

Zurich to Uttendorf - 24 September 2012

From Zurich we went to the Austrian town of Uttendorf, but not before stopping off in Liechtenstein and Innsbruck, where we had three street concerts and a chance for shopping!

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