24 September 2010

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Friday, 24th September 2010

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is how we gathered this morning, after a very welcome early night for all. Some of us heard the thunder last night as the past week's sunshine made space for some clouds and rain.

After our rehearsal we departed on the bus for Luxemburg, where our excellent English guides awaited us. We had to change our plans due to the weather, shortening our walking tour to the Cathedral and Protestant Church. However, we added the Petrusse Express, a little train car that takes you on a 45 minute long scenic drive around the old city, while you listen to a dramatised audio presentation on the city's history. We lunched on the market square, and had a short, mostly window-shopping, opportunity, before our return to Schmelz for something light to eat and a rest before the concert tonight.

The weather seems to be lifting for our trip to Trier tomorrow. Please hold thumbs that it does!

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