23 September

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Tuesday, 23rd September 2008

This was another long, but exciting day. We reported at TV House at 06h45 for our performance on Estonian National Television. The conductor of the Estonian TV choir listened in on our performance and was so moved by Tula Mama that she left the studio in tears!

She then helped us with the pronunciation of the Estonian song we need to learn for tomorrow evening’s concert, before we were taken on a tour of TV House. Most interesting was the little museum where we could see everything from the first television screen that was so tiny, that they had to put water in front of it, to act as a magnifying glass to TV cameras, the first cell phones (that weighed a ton and could definitely NOT fit into your pocket!), gramophones, microphones and many more items, some of which we could even operate! We also had fun with all the characters in the children’s studio. Look out for Cheswin and his twin!

At 11 we left by bus to Pärnu, the so-called summer capital of Estonia, well-known for its long, sandy beaches and many spas that provide healing mud-bath therapy. Lunch at the local Hesburger was followed by a short bus tour of Pärnu and some much needed shopping, before getting ready for our concert at the Elizabeth Church. Tonight we appeared with the Estonian Youth Choir and really enjoyed their excellent performance. Our children also performed well and the moms and dads can be proud of them! In the audience we had two special members, namely Lynda (Nicholas’ mom) and Marina (André de Jager’s mom). Tonight for the first time we also did not pick up a suitcase full of lost clothing, earning the kids an ice-cream each. There kids, it’s now in print!

Tomorrow morning the kids will spend with their hosts, hopefully using the free time to sleep a bit later and getting some washing done. Yes, we do indeed have to take care of everyday things too! Already we know that some kids will be spending time at an Estonian school and, of course, many will go shopping!

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