22 September 2008

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Monday, 22nd September 2008

On the ferry, the luxurious M/S Superstar, the children lounged around in the chairs like seasoned travelers and (of course) the shopping mall on the lower level attracted LOTS of customers! It was, like yesterday, a beautiful day, with the maximum temperature for Tallinn at 18ºC. The ferry is extremely stable on the water and hardly feels as if it is moving, so we luckily did not have to contend with any sea sickness!

Upon our arrival we immediately boarded a bus with an English speaking tour guide on board and started an extended bus tour of Tallinn. We first visited an open air museum where they have relocated original buildings from many eras and regions of Estonia . This included an Estonian lesson in a 19th century school house. Congratulations to Dewald who managed to spell and unpronounceable word correctly on the first try! The bus tour was interrupted by a delicious lunch at the TV House, where we will be appearing on local television tomorrow morning. It was during lunch that Nicola and Rory both admitted to wanting to go home, but only to hand out the presents, before returning here right away! Rory reckons this is as close to paradise at it comes! Sorry moms, they don’t seem to be missing you at all!

Estonia is a densely forested country, even within the city limits. To us the forests are enchantingly beautiful and we hope that we will have some opportunity to take a walk in one of them.

We are all hoping that they will get an early night tonight, as tomorrow has another early start and we are, at this point in the tour, quite exhausted!

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