22 September 2006

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Friday, 22nd September 2006

Another wonderful day! Upon our arrival at the music school this morning, the adults were overpowered by 54  excited children, who could not wait to tell us about their wonderful hosts - as has been our experience throughout the tour. As expected, many of the children are quite shocked at the lack of space and how small the flats are, but the generous hospitality and genuine friendship extended to us is what really made the impression.

Janna, our guide for the morning, took us on a walk through Old Prague and our two short street concerts (one at the palace and one at the old town square) was very well received by all the bystanders. Thanks to Andrè and Rory's hat, we also collected quite a bit of money and the children will surely all receive an ice cream or the likes from the proceeds.

The tour ended at the information centre, where Janna handed out guide books about Prague and was followed by a short, but ferocious, shopping spree. The bus is filled with interesting goodies and no, I won't let the cat out the bag and spoil the surprise!

We were brought back to the music school in the afternoon, where we had lunch. Afterwards we met the mayor of Prague 11 and had a chance to rest a bit, before going to the Salvatore Church, the venue for the evening's concert.

Prazska Kantilena started the evening off on a high note. They have two conductors, who take turns and impressed us with their beautiful, full sound.

Of course our kids sang beautifully and it seemed that the ovation at the end was never going to stop!

Tomorrow we're off to Dresden. Apologies for the silence on the e-mail front. We are receiving the e-mails and the kids love it, so keep them coming! We just seem to have a problem when sending e-mail.

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