21 September 2006

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Thursday, 21st September 2006

Last night's concert was, as usual, a wonderful affair. We were fortunate enough to have both the Severacek Preparatory, as well as the Severacek Choir also performing short programs. The evening ended with the Severacek joining is in a rendition of You'll never walk alone, and us joining them in the singing of a Czech Folk song. What fun!

We need to make special mention of the fact that Lucretia (once again) received wonderful applause and Ständchen was especially well received!

This morning we had a very quick last-minute shop at a large shopping centre just outside Liberec, before going on to the Botanicus mediecal village. Here we were transported back into medieval times to witness crafts like rope-making, candle-making, wire work, soap-making and so on. Incke had a chance to make her own paper and quite a few of the choir members went on to make soap and candles.

We arrived in Prague just in time for a boat trip up the Vltava River (also known as the Moldau). As promised, Prague is a beautiful city and we are very much looking forward to our time in the old city tomorrow morning!

The choir who is hosting us is called the Prazska Kantilena. This is a girls' choir. We were warmly received with a wonderful spread of eats and drinks, before going off with our very friendly hosts.

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