20 September 2006, 11am

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Wednesday, 20th September 2006

Happy birthday, Mnr Lionel! We promise to be extra good today and sing better than any angel has ever sung before!

This morning we saw the historic Liberec Town Hall. It has the most exquisite leadglass windows depicting the city`s links to the textile industry.

We also climbed up the tower - 154 steps - to have a lovely circular view of the city and surrounds. Both our days have been overcast, which is rather disappointing if you want views, but it was lovely nonetheless.

It was also a case of  'shop til you drop' for an hour, before the morning rehearsal with the Severacek conductor, where the children will be learning a Czech song to sing with the Severacek. By the way, Severacek means 'little north wind'. The north wind here is a cold, polar wind. The little north wind makes the people bundle up in warm clothes, but is not so bad and actually results in them opening their hearts.

This afternoon the children are off to their hosts for a rest, before the concert tonight. 

Please keep the e-mails coming. the kids love getting messages! Just remember to keep them short, please, as we are dependent on our hosts for paper and would not like to abuse them. 

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