2 September 2010

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Thursday, 2nd September 2010

2 September 2010

Phew! It took some time to sort through all the possible sight-seeing options, but we've got it together now! Below is the tour itinerary as it stands today. Take some time to Google some of the exciting places we are about to see in real life!


1 Friday, 17 September 2010
  12h30: Depart on SA 410 from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg
  14h10: Arrive Johannesburg
  20h40: Depart SA 264 from Johannesburg to Munich
2 Saturday, 18 September 2010
   07h20: Arrive Munich
    Bus Transfer Munich – Villingen (Munich-Ulm 161km; Ulm-Villingen 195km,) Visit the town of Ulm, with its massive cathedral and the highest church tower in Europe, on the way. We’ll have time for something light to eat before the guided tour of the cathedral starts at 12h30. We have permission to have an ‘on-the-spot’ performance!
  ± 16h00:

Arrive Villingen

  Our hosts:

Villinger Klosterspatzen (Erke)

3 Sunday, 19 September 2010
  08h30: Leave for Schwennigen to visit the "One-World-Day" (big garden and horticultural show) in the Garden-Park. Short informal performance at the pavillion of the church in the Garden-Park.
  18h30: Concert in church
4 Monday, 20 September 2010
    Bus transfer Villingen – Herxheim (199km)
  10h00: Depart Villingen (Route: Kinzigtal, Gengenbach, Offenburg, Baden-Baden, Karlsruhe)
On our way to Herxheim we will visit the Triberg Waterfall, the highest in Germany (165m), where we will also see some Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks (hold on to your wallets!). From there we will the Black Forest Open Air Farm Museum Vogtsbauernhof, then on to Baden-Baden and Brahms Museum and the Trinkhalle in the Kurpark, where one can taste the natural spring water of the region.
  16h30: Arrive Herxheim. Greet, allocate choristers to families; supper with families.
  18h30: Sunset outing and sightseeing tour of Herxheim with the Südpfalzlerchen on the Schoppenbähnel (‘car-train’).
  20:00: To hosts
  Our hosts: Südpfalzlerchen Children’s Choir
5 Tuesday, 21 September 2010
  08h00: Villa Wieser – choir rehearsal
  10h00: Depart for Speyer, where we will visit the Speyer Cathedral (possibly short concert in cathedral), the largest Romantic church in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We’ll also visit a 12th century Jewish ritual bath house, called a Mikwe, and the Altpörtl, and at 55m, the highest village gate in Germany.
  13h00: Picnic on banks of Rhein
  16h00: Depart for St Thomas
  16h15: Arrive St Thomas for supper and a rehearsal with Jungen Kantorei St. Martin This performance’s hosts: Jugendchor der Jungen Kantorei St. Martin
  19:0: Concert in Pfarrkirche St. Martin
  22h30: Arrive Herxheim. To hosts.
6 Wednesday, 22 September 2010
    Sightseeing visit to Heidelberg (Oldest German university)
  19h15: Concert, Kulturzentrum Hagenbach with Südpfalzlerchen.
    After the concert, supper will be served to both choirs.
7 Thursday, 23 September 2010
    Bus transfer Herxheim – Schmelz (133km)
    We’ll travel over Bad Bergzabern to the ruins of an old castle, called Drachenfels Burgruine (1 hour 45 min walk). From here we will travel to Pirmasens to visit the Dynamikum Science Museum.
  14h00: Arrive Schmelz and have a walking tour of the town.
  17h00: To hosts
  Our hosts: Pfarrgemeinde St. Marien www.pastoraler-raum-schmelz.de
8 Friday, 24 September 2010
  08h00: Rehearsal in church (piano and organ)
  09h30: Daytrip to Luxembourg
  16h00: To hosts for rest, change and light meal.
  18h00: To church
  19h30: Concert, Pfarrkirche St. Marien, Schmelz (Marienstraße)
    After-concert party
9 Saturday, 25 September 2010
    Bus transfer Schmeltz – Neunkirchen
  Our hosts:  Church Choir of St. Josef and St. John (www.sankt-josef-johannes.de)
    Today we spend the day with Prof Martin Berger, our friend from Würzburg, who will take us to Trier, the oldest German Town.(www.trier.de) (52.1km from Schmelz, 93.1km from Neunkirchen). We’ll have a guided tour and (wait for it), 2 – 3 hours of shopping!
  16h00: Rehearsal in the church
  17h00: To hosts
  Adults: Supper with Michael and Martin
10 Sunday, 26 September 2010
    Spend morning with hosts.
  11h00: Performance during morning mass at the St Joseph’s Parish Church
    Relaxing lunch and afternoon with hosts.
  15h30: To venue for warm-up
  17h00: Concert at the St Joseph’s Parish Church
11 Monday, 27 September 2010
    Bus transfer Neunkirchen – Donaueschingen (348km)
  08h00: Depart for Donaueschingen
  12h00: Arrive at Fürstenberg-Gymnasium, Donaueshingen
  13h10: Host parents fetch children
  16h00-18h00: City tour of Donaueschingen, then supper and evening with host families.
  Our hosts: Jugendchor Donaueschingen am Fürstenberg-Gymnasium
12 Tuesday, 28 September 2010
  08h00: Leave by bus for Freiburg/Titisee/Schwarzwald (Lunch packet will be provided)
  15h00: Arrive at Fürstenberg-Gymnasium - to host families.
  18h00-19h00: Joint choir rehearsal in Fürstenberg-Gymnasium
  19h30 Concert in Fürstenberg-Gymnasium with the Jugendchor Donaueschingen am Fürstenberg-Gymnasium
13 Wednesday, 29 September 2010
    Bus transfer Donaueschingen – Cluses (424km)
  08h00: Leave for Cluses with some of our hosts to act as tour guides. En route we’ll visit Rheinfall and Schaffhausen in Switzerland.
  16h00: Arrive at Cluses. To hosts.
  Our hosts: School of Music and Dance (Cluses)
14 Thursday, 30 September 2010
  Morning: ECCC rehearsal with orchestra. Exchange, short concert and lunch with the College of Cluses.
  Afternoon: Museum of the Clock industry
  18h30: Repetition at Church St Nicolas de Cluses
15 Friday, 1 October 2010
  Morning: Excursion to Chamonix Mount Blanc, excursion on the Sea of Ice (glacier) with a special train, visits cave of ice, piquqe-screws at midday.
  Afternoon: Rest
  20h00: Concert at Church St Nicolas de Cluses
16 Saturday, 2 October 2010
    Bus transfer Cluses - Bülach (350km)
  08h00: Depart for Bülach. Visit Lucerne (Wagner Museum etc)
  17h00: Arrive Bülach
  Our hosts: St Laurentius Chor
17 Sunday, 3 October 2010
  13h00: Rehearsal, Catholische Kirche Bülach
  16h00: Concert, Catholische Kirche Bülach
18 Monday, 4 October 2010
    Bülach – FUN day!
19 Tuesday, 5 October 2010
    Bus transfer Bülach - Munich (300km)
    Visit the famous ‚fairy castle, Neuschwanstein, on the way. (Certain adults changed their extended travel plans when they heard about this one!)
  21h55: Depart SA265 from Munich to Johannesburg
20 Wednesday, 6 October 2010
  08h25: Arrive Johannesburg
  10h15: Depart SA 405 from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth
  11h55: Arrive Port Elizabeth

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