2 October 2010

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Saturday, 2nd October 2010

Our concert last night was extremely well received by an audience that included a number of very young children. Not without its technical difficulties (here our accompanists showed their mettle and, once again, proved the importance of having only the best as part of our team), the choir nevertheless sang extremely well and we received many compliments and, by now the standard, a standing ovation and encore. The performance of the three pieces with the orchestral ensemble sounded great and added a different dimension to our performance.

So, today we changed hosts for the last time. it is quite unbelievable to think that we`ve already reached `station 7`. So much has happened in such a short time that it will take us quite some time to absorb and process everything. Some of us are more than ready to come home, whilst others reckon that the next tour should last at least six weeks!

We left Cluses early this morning, after many hugs from our hosts. Is it not amazing how our children can make their way into people`s hearts in such a short period of time? Even with sometimes almost insurmountable language barriers, the hosts` goodwill shines through and not one child can say that they did not experience love and acceptance wherever they went. Not to mention being spoilt rotten!

Our long drive was shortened with two movies on the bus and a three hour stop in Lucerne over lunch time.  Again one can only wonder at the postcard-picture perfect  countryside.We went through a number of tunnels, including one with a length of 5km!

(Un)fortunately many of the shops in Lucerne were closed due to it being a public holiday, but McDonalds experienced an invasion of red jackets and the paddle boat operator on the beautiful lake`s smile widened significantly during our short stay.

Of course the scenery is beautiful and the snowcapped mountains all around the city, together with the carnival atmosphere, was truly something to enjoy. We took a small detour through the centre of Zürich, a city Mr Van Zyl loves very much.

Our arrival and placing to the hosts in Bülach went smoothly and all left with strict instructions to have an early night and a late morning. Nothing too strenuous is planned for tomorrow - a walk through the town of Bülach, lunch and a concert (our last) at 16h00.

By now everyone is bursting to know what we have planned for Monday morning. You`ll just have to wait and see...

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