19 September

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Friday, 19th September 2008

Yesterday we left Würzburg very early in order for the first group to catch their plane to Helsinki. Upon their arrival they were brought to the Vaskivuori School where they were given a most delicious lunch and then taken on a tour of this high-tech school, where you can study anything from music to cinematography. The school has its own TV and radio stations and studios on the premises, all run by the children.

They were then taught a couple of Finnish folk songs and dances, having had a lot of fun.

Group two booked our luggage in early and then took the sky train to Terminal 2 of the Frankfurt airport where we spent the mornings in a HUGE MacDonalds. The photos will show you that even the teenagers still like to play!

Although only 8 degrees in Helsinki, it really does not feel all that cold. There is no wind and they haven't predicted rain either. The hosts have been wonderful to the children and the children are overawed by the technology at their disposal.

Of course, a very typical Nordic pastime is the sauna, or steambath. Quite a few of us have already experienced it!

Today we have concerts at two schools before visiting the Heureka Science Centre this afternoon. This is an interactive science centre and promises to be a lot of fun.

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