18 and 19 September 2006

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Monday, 18th September 2006


The day was rather long and tiring, as the trip to Liberec took almost the whole of Monday. Upon our arrival at the music school, we were greeted in song by the choir and greeted them in turn with Baya Moyika.

We were pleased to note that most of the children and their parents speak at least a basic English and the fears about communicating were quickly put to rest. The children were wonderfully spoilt by all their hosts and despite a wobble or two last night, all the faces were smiling by this morning.

The morning was spent climbing the Jested Mountain outside Liberec. This steep climb of about 3km was quite taxing on a few choir members, but team spirit prevailed and all made it to the top in the end! A few opted to take the easier way down via cable car, while the rest - believe it or not - opted to walk down again.

Our shopping spree this afternoon was hampered by difficulties at the bank and rain, but most kids went shopping with their hosts this afternoon and there will be plenty of time tomorrow!

Tomorrow night we sing with the local children's choir - a concert we are really looking forward to.

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