17 September 2006

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Sunday, 17th September 2006


Oh, what a day! We started off singing the Messe Basse and O Salutaris during the morning mass in the St Kilian's Dom. What a majestic church (something gives me the idea that this is a term I will be using quite a few times on this tour!) and our angels sang beautifully as usual!

After the service we were collected by our host families, who mostly went out of their way to show us something of their beautiful city. Some of the landmarks visited were the Prince Bishop's Residence in the centre of town, with its beautiful gardens. Also the Käppelle, a church from the baroque era on a hill, and of course the Marienburg Festung, a palace and fort also overlooking the town. This is the biggest palace in Germany and quite impressive!

This afternoon's concert was performed to a full house - standing room only - and a long, standing ovation. Despite a request that the audience not clap in between works, but only at the end, they simply could not contain themselves and often broke out in spontaneous applause.

After some refreshments, we were taken on a guided tour of Marienburg Festung. The climb up the steep hill was exhausting but well worth while, as our guide was a veritable mine of information. Some facts:

Würzburg has approx. 130 000 inhabitants.
There is a university.
More than 40 churches.
The big river that flows through Würzburg is called the Main River and also flows through Frankfurt, whereafter it joins the Rhine River.
The St Mary's Chapel in the Festung is today, to the day, 1300 years old!

Tomorrow morning we meet at 8am for the long trip to Liberec.

Oh, before I forget, check out the photos!

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