16 September 2006

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Saturday, 16th September 2006


Today we traveled from Mainz to Würzburg. The German road system is fantastic and driving on the Autobahn in our big bus quite an experience! On the way the autumn leaves on the trees made for interesting and beautiful colour schemes and we saw quite a few wind turbines used for generation of electricity.

O n the way we made two stops. Firstly we stopped at the airport to find Thabiso's suitcase, which he left behind on Thursday. After almost three hours they appeared with the suitcase and a very happy Thabiso! In that time the bus driver put a DVD on for us to watch. The quiet time turned out to be a good thing as we haven't had much of that lately!

Then we stopped at the beautiful Röthenburg. This is a medieval town that miraculously survived the bombings of both World Wars. It has a wall right around the town that you can walk on and lots of wonderful little shops, including a Christmas shop! Let us suffice to say that some serious shopping took place! Upon our arrival at Würzburg we were welcomed with something to drink and eat and the choir is currently practicing at Neumünster where the concert will take place tomorrow afternoon. On the way there we walked through the cathedral where we sing during morning mass tomorrow. It is even bigger than the one at Mainz and is really ornate.

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