15 September 2008

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Monday, 15th September 2008

And here we are. Almost at the end of our first day. Monika was ready with the bus as we exited the airport at Frankfurt this morning and wasted no time in introducing us to some German history, landscapes and beautiful architecture, when she showed us the beautiful Castle Mespelbrunn, a 15th century castle in the hills amongst the woods, completely surrounded by water. Even the compulsory swans were there!

Breakfast in Würzburg (prepared by the lovely girls from the Cathedral choir) was followed by a tour of the St Kilian's Cathedral (where we will be having our concert) and then it was time to meet our hosts!

A shower and a soft bed and activities like walking and cycling for those who still had some energy left, turned us all into new beings!

All the pre-hosting nerves have settled and every single chorister thinks THEY've landed the dream hosts! As I am writing the two choirs are hard at work rehearsing for Wednesday's performance. The exciting news is that Magnificat will be performed with the original harp and cello accompaniment!

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