15 September 2006

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Friday, 15th September 2006


After a day filled with sightseeing, we started our concert program tonight at the beautiful and majestic Mainz Dom Cathedral, where we sang with the Dom Cathedral Choir. This choir consists of boys and young men between the ages of 9 and about 25 - some of them having been part of the choir for more than 15 years! The acoustics in the cathedral are really something else and our angels' voices rose admirably to the occasion!

The weather is really warm and humid at the moment and perfect for tourists. We walked quite a bit, seeing the Rhine River, quaint little cobbled streets filled with shops and sidewalk cafes and also the St Stephen's church with its beautiful windows made by a painter by the name of Chigal. These windows depict the whole story of the Bible. Mainz has very many fountains and is a really attractive city.

The children all seem happy with their hosts, who are going out of their way to make our stay as wonderful as possible.

Technologically we are a little bit hampered, but hope that Würzburg will be easier, so we can load photos and get the children to start writing the journal. We have received and printed all the e-mails from family and friends. Do not stop - seeing their faces light up at the sight is wonderful!

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