14 September 2006

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Thursday, 14th September 2006

We have 54 exhausted children and 11 even more exhausted adults now relaxing in Mainz!!! The flights over were a lot of fun and each of us had our own TV screen where we could watch the movie of our choice, listen to music or play games against our friends. There is even an onboard telephone system that allowed friends to stay in touch! There were lots of buttons to fiddle with and we all played nicely! What an amazing airport in Dubai - with lots of shops and things to see. We arrived just after midnight and we each found a lovely spot on the floor and slept! None of us really noticed how hard it was.

We arrived in Frankfurt on schedule and spent the afternoon exploring the beautiful town of Mainz - although we are all so tired we probably didn't take in as much as we should have. The children are all fine and coping ver very well with all that is asked of them - they really are a credit to their parents - well done, Moms and Dads!  Tomorrow we are still in Mainz sightseeing during the day as well some practising and we have a concert in the beautiful Cathedral tomorrow night.  Please keep us in your prayers and know that we love and miss you all too!!!! 

(P.S. Guess what? A technical glitch - what's new? - prevented us from loading photographs! We're working on it!).

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