14 October 2015 - Sumperk

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Wednesday, 14th October 2015

The morning dawned cold and rainy (although 6 degrees here is somehow very different from the same temperature at home, and I can truly say that it does not feel all THAT cold). This was fine for the day’s activities, though, and we could go ahead as planned.

The cold weather is not kind on voices that need to sing beautifully, so we had a lovely, long warm-up session before our concert at 10am. Here we entertained local school children in the beautiful church where we will also have our concert tonight. The concert was started by our lovely hosts, the Motyli Sumperk (butterflies from Sumperk). The choir has a wonderful, full sound and is the first true children’s choir we’ve shared a concert with on this tour. We ended with a traditional Czech song sung as a mass choir. Czech falls very strangely on our ears and they have many sounds that we do not know, so learning the words and pronunciation proved quite a challenge. The audience enjoyed the sacred music, but absolutely loved the traditional music, which our children do so well. 

After the concert we could have a snack and a rest, before walking to school for lunch. The children said thank you for the lovely food by singing Sithi Alleluia to the kitchen staff – something they really enjoyed. 

From there it was off to City Hall, where we were addressed by one of the senior councillors; we all received a little gift and, you guessed it, some snacks! I’ll have you know that there are some DIVINE pastries around here. One in particular, called Trubicka, is something one would easily die for!

Now, with very full tummies, the kids are all having a rest before the concert tonight. Everything is SO exciting and the days are long, but the kids seem to be enjoying themselves and we think the parents are going to be pleasantly surprised by their children’s newfound independence.

Tonight’s concert will be a good one, as the acoustics in the church are excellent and, of course, there is the party to look forward to afterward!


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